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This is a story I wrote many years ago which a few of my long time followers might recall, I would like to re-post it again as the story belongs in our music history and as such must be remembered. I have taken the liberty of adding the Wikipedia story on Mike, some aspects I disagree from first hand experience. Take time to view this old video taken of Mike performing back in England in the days of the emerging new era of pop songs, the Beatles days and others.

This is a story of a mate I once had, back in the days of long ago now.I first met Mike Furber when I was posted as a Medical instructor at the School of Army Health Healesville upon my return from Vietnam in 1970. Mike came to the school around late 72 early 73.This is his story.

Mike was born…

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One Pair of Hands


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Cameron’s Graduation—-A Small Step in Life

Greetings my Friends

For those who have followed my Aussie Ian and Aussie Emu site over the years, you will see that I refrain from posting blogs that are either political or personal. Behind the scenes I am rather vocal on the political scene in Australia, with numerous articles and letters making various media outlets.

In my personal life I find enjoyment in following the progress in life of my beautiful grandchildren, seven here in Australia with another on the way, and two beautiful grandchildren in Chile South America, they all have one thing in common apart from one, they are all under 4 years of age, so you can imagine Christmases and Birthdays are a hectic time.

I would like to share with you this picture of my handsome grandson Cameron, Cameron graduated from his first year in kindergarten a week ago, it was a proud moment to see him participate on his special milestone day.

Kind regards and Best wishes to you all for a Beautiful Christmas.

Aussie Emu aka Aussie Ian


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Through the Eyes of Innocence

Put My Boots

On Little Feet

Walk With Me

My Little Mate

Look Through Eyes

Of Innocence

And See What I Can See

See The Birds Up In The Sky

See The Landscape Opening Wide

Feel The Breath

Of Morns Early Kiss

Upon Your Cheeks

Walk With Me

Through Gully’s Deep

See The Ferns

In Gods Own Garden

Feel The Morns Dew

On Your Lips

Smell Dawns Rise

And Watch Nature Unfold

In A Panorama Of Sunrise

This Is The Land

Of Your Birth

This Is Our Land

This Is Our Earth

Walk Forward Little Boots

Walk Forward Little Mate

The World Is Open

And Belongs To You

From Your Lands

You Were Born

And On Your Lands

You Will Leave Your Name

Walk With Me Little Boots

And See Through Ancient Eyes

We Are Old

Yet We Are Young

Hold Onto Your Innocence

And Grow Into The Spirit

Of Our Land

Walk With Me Little Mate

Walk With Me Little Boots

Beneath Our Southern Cross

Hear The Currawong

The Kookaburra

With Her Laugh

And Never Fear

The Mournful Plaintiff Cry

Of The Lonely Dingo

Sleep Upon The Red Earth Soil

Beneath A Starry Sky

Illuminated By Gods Light

Our One And Only

Southern Cross

Sleep Upon Your Lands

From Whence You Came

For She Is Your Mother

Your Birthright To Proclaim


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A Passing Glance



I share this picture of a small Cactus that I have nurtured for a number of years now, once a year she flowers and displays her beauty, but for a fleeting moment in time, one day to be exact, and she withdraws back into her world of hibernation for another year.


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A Castle of Ice

My Daughter Built Her Castle out of Ice

My Granddaughter was sitting on my knee, busily drawing in her colouring in book.
What are you drawing Beckie I asked, in a quiet voice?
I am drawing a castle and Mummy is the Queen of the castle she replied.
I looked across to the hospital bed; yes my Daughter was a Queen.
I didn’t see the hollow eyes, the shrunken cheeks, or the many sores that covered her face.
I saw a beautiful baby girl that once I held in my arms, a little girl so full of innocence.
Three years later, I held my Grand Daughters hand as we stood beside the Graveside.
Granddad Beckie asked is Mummy still a Queen, and does she have a castle.
Yes Beckie I replied, as I looked into the eyes of an innocent young child.
Your Mummy will always be a Queen, and now she has a castle in Gods Heaven.
We walked away from the graveside, I held my Granddaughters hand.
Why did Mummy have to die Granddad Beckie asked?
I knelt down on one knee, and took her little hands in mine.
Your Mummy chose her time to go Beckie, your Mummy was a Queen and built her castle in her dreams.
Your Mummy built her castle, but Mummy’s castle was built of Ice.
Is Mummy still a Queen Granddad?
Yes Beckie, she is and always will be.
We walked away hand in hand, I let the tears fall.
My Queen, my beautiful Daughter, had built her castle out of Ice.


I wrote this story a few years back, as a form of highlighting the drug Ice that was becoming a scourge on our beautiful city.
Written originally with the idea of being made into a Television commercial.


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Picorocos–Aliens from the Deep

During my lifetime I have developed a taste for a variety of foods. I have enjoyed culinary delights of all types and different cultures. Seafood of various kinds have titillated my palate, and made love across a bed of my taste buds, Oysters have seductively danced around the maypole of my tonsils, and crayfish have found haven in the depths of my appreciative stomach. Now with those words, I set the scene for my forays into the larders of the oceans deep.


Somewhere back in 1988, I found myself as a deckhand on board the shark fishing boat The Rhonda Lee trawling out of the port of Bicheno Tasmania, this boat was a long line fishing boat; long line fishing is where a fishing line is run out for a many kilometres with smaller branches running off at intervals with baited hooks, these lines can run out up to a hundred kilometres in length, the lines were left out over a few hours, or a night, and reeled in to unload the catch, apart from the tedious task of baiting the hooks in laying the line, the crews task was also unhooking the catch. The catch was mainly shark of varying sizes, some extraordinary sizes included, we would find monster squid that were also kept, these squid would attach their tentacles and suction caps to our plastic wet weather gear, and take a lot to remove, leaving an inky black liquid stain. It was on one occasion I had my first taste of fresh shark, it was a fish lover’s dream, freshly caught, filleted and tantalisingly toasted in a frypan in butter, it was a taste that awoke all the senses, and will be long remembered in my diary of Unforgettable Tastes. I also learnt on that trip, that all shark must be checked for Mercury content before being sold, Mercury or not, that fish went down a treat.


My first introduction to tasting Turtle, was a survival course during my Army days in north Queensland back in the mid to late 70s, it was an SAS course to introduce us to survival, when all other means had been exhausted. Apart from Snake, Goanna, Lizards and birds, the sea Turtle was added to our survival larder. I won’t describe the ways of catching or preparing Turtle, or even its taste, suffice to say it was my once only taste of Turtle, never to be repeated but apparently a delicacy among the Indigenous people. Now I need to explain that certain sea creatures are banned from exploitation here in Australia, apart from the Turtle, the Dugong is also banned; the only exemptions are given to the Indigenous people as it is deemed part of their cultural foods. I again came across Turtle in late 1980s when I was attached to a Signal Squadron at Bamaga, CapeYorke peninsula Queensland, right up at that pointy tip of Australia. I can relate this time now, as the limit of secrecy has expired, the task was a base for a Signal Squadron to eavesdrop on what was going on in the Indonesian waters at that time, the members worked in shifts from air-conditioned converted shipping containers. I found I had plenty of free time on my hands, so one afternoon I took one of the land rovers and started exploring the dense bush tracks outside the small Indigenous town ship of Bamaga, on one such bush track the tropical rain-forest closed in and created a canopy, a wild Boar and her young raced across the track in front, their tusks demonstrating a formidable weapon, a lonely beautiful Cassowary was disturbed and took flight, her talons as long and sharp as a knife. After some time I came across what I was looking for, the remains of many deep sea Turtles, after they had been killed and prepared for consumption, the only parts remaining were the skulls and the shells, about a dozen in all lay strewn among the tropical shrubbery. It was no surprise to me as I fully appreciated the rights of the Indigenous to hunt these creatures, as they had for centuries, for food. I held one of the skulls in my hand and found it to be as large as a mans, it was bleached from years of exposure to the elements, and cleaned by the tropical ants, the shells were of varying sizes, some a few feet long and some well over a metre in length, I had seen similar in craft shops on display with varnished shells, these shells however were blackened all over from fire. I did take one skull from the site and donated it to my son’s primary school as an education talking point. I did end up seeing one of these great creatures in the wild, on another expedition up Far North Queensland, between Mission Beach and Dunk island, we had been testing out one of our sea craft when we saw the Turtles great fin rising from the water and slapping the water as she moved, we were so close that we could see the massive size of this lovely creature, her head fully extended, her huge eyes alert and her shell a beautiful dark brown, it was magical to see her move with such speed, a speed she cannot reach on land. So ends my Turtle adventures.


I want to introduce you to Picorocos, one of the most strangest and weirdest sea creatures I have ever come across, so weird that on first sight, I nicknamed him The Alien, that is the first thought that came to my mind, it was one afternoon when we were shopping in Santiago and were visiting a fresh fish market, now as an aside, Chile is a long narrow country, not very wide and has the Great Andes on one side and the Ocean on the other, seafood plays a large part in the diet of the Chileans, and the seafood is always fresh being from the cold waters from the Antarctic, and moved along by the Humboldt current, back to my story, I was browsing the array of stalls when a large collection of Coral attracted my attention, the clumps of Coral were barnacle encrusted and had a pipe type of extension protruding out, I saw nothing that indicated it was seafood, and then The Alien emerged, from the pipe opening this creature came forth, two large tusks were extended and inside the tusks were two feelers or tentacles, I was amazed, it moved its head around and then withdrew back down the pipe, a slight touch on the Coral around the pipe and it emerged again, it was fascinating to watch, at one stage all the pipes opened at the same time, weird and wonderful. We purchased a number as it was intended that I must try the various culinary recipes of my host country, I won’t go into the preparation details, nor can I describe the taste of these Aliens, I can’t equate its taste to anything similar. So ends my First Encounter with Picorocos, The Alien from the depths of Chile’s deepest darkest waters.

I leave you with some photographs of my Alien. and a video clip that will allow you to see him up close.


Aussie Emu



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