Murray River Wildlife

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Murray River Morning Drive

I have recently been experimenting with my Car cam recorder, for those that followed my posts last year on our journey to Coober Pedy outback Australia, you will recall I posted a few videos of that trip. Those videos were of three minute duration.

Now learning the mechanisms of the cam, I see I can run three, five and ten minute videos, great says the old Emu, let’s make a ten minute video, not a wise move as I soon found out for a number of reasons.

Now these are the facts I discovered after my ten minute video was completed, so couldn’t change it.

First of all , after the facts and post mortem, one must first upload to You tube to download a post link, a three minute video can take up to four hours to upload, to download the link can still take a few hours, so the longer the video the longer the upload download time frame is.

I checked out why most posts on You tube were three minutes and deduced that they were bloody interesting, not ten minutes of bloody repetitive scenery, even some of the three minute videos shows great road rage incidents and car crashes, also a few cops and drivers scenes, all encapsulated in three minutes. There were even a couple of three minute videos that captured an Abominable snowman crossing the road, another of the Lock Ness monster crawling out of the water, and a few showing Alien flying saucer landings.

So the lesson to be learnt out of my recent experiments are, stick to a three minute loop on the cam and hope to catch something that is interesting, the next is to make sure the bloody windscreen is clean and lastly, try to pick a day that is not overcast or dreary.

I chose for my ten minute video, an off road drive down along the Murray river here in Mildura, this drive normally takes fifty minutes, thus translating to five, ten minute video clips, I selected the first ten minutes before I fell asleep.

Sit back and put your seat belt on and have a little snooze.

It’s 40 degrees here so I’m off to get a beer and relax in the glory of posting an educational, informative, entertaining and boring video.




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Sacred Heart Cathedral Bendigo Australia

 photo IMG_2340_zpsdmc4bnzt.jpg photo IMG_2341_zpsxyv20cyb.jpg photo IMG_2344_zpsdtjsg0vi.jpg


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Murray River Paddle Steamers

The vibrant expanding city of Mildura is situated on the River Murray, this river is one of the longest rivers in the world and crosses three states, South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria.

Since early days of Australia’s beginnings by the white man, this river, which covers a distance of 2520 kilometres, was the main transportation route for many outback settlements which grew up along the rivers banks.

It was used to transport wheat, wool and other commodities to the main centres for further transportation via bullock drays, to finally reach the major cities, it also carried vital stores back up the river to the outback stations and settlements.

Before the advent of roads and rail, hundreds and hundreds of Paddle steamers plied up and down the river, carrying their loads as well as passengers.

Today the Paddle steamers no longer carry cargo, but mainly tourists, the number of Paddle steamers has declined over the years but some can still be seen nearly every day.

Many cities have grown up over the years along the rivers beautiful banks, prior to white man, the river was a part of life to the many Aboriginal tribes that lived along its shores.

Dotted along the river banks you can see many Houseboats moored, a few are owned but many are available for rent, this is particularly popular in the Summer season.

I took a stroll down the river yesterday, hoping to get some great river shots, and wasn’t disappointed, I was able to capture two Paddle steamers heading up the river with tourists and sightseers on board, there is a lot of natural scrub along the banks which are home to many species of birds and wildlife, Mildura is a beautiful city and has much love and respect for its mighty river.

I leave you to enjoy my pictures of the Paddle steamers on the river.


Aussie Emu aka Ian

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 photo IMG_0842_zpsaf273efe.jpg

 photo IMG_0844_zps23cc54d4.jpg

 photo IMG_0846_zps117c329d.jpg

 photo IMG_0850_zps9fff199e.jpg

 photo IMG_0851_zps72bb3fba.jpg

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 photo IMG_0865_zps463f40ca.jpg

 photo IMG_0868_zps8cf9dfdb.jpg

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Merry Christmas Everyone

Wishing all my Friends a very Merry Christmas

And a great Happy New Year

May your Hearts be filled with Happiness

And Love forever be your Shadow.

Aussie Emu


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Males only Please—X Rated Blog


Emu here

How you all doing out there behind me screen

Well I was having a couple of beers today

With me old mate Phil, you know Phil

I told you about him before

Well I gotta tell you the ridgy didge truth

Phil is an old timer

Shit he even remembers when his mum

First dyed her hair in that blue rinse stuff

And boiled their clothes in a copper boiler

Anyway Phil knows I peck away at this com you see

And he wants me to pass on some old timer tips

For you blokes

So all you sheilas out there this is a bloke’s blog

So go an make a coffee

Or do some girly female stuff

Or scroll down

Okay you blokes

We is safe

Now Phil wants me to tell you about his first encounter

With these new fangled things called condoms

Now these were invented after us kids

 just got used to using that glad wrap stuff in grade seven at school

With the older girls at school

Remember that stuff mum used to wrap the meat in

Well we did too at school hehehe

Now Phil found out the hard way you don’t need

To use gladwrap any more

You see in his days in Australia’s outback pubs

Every pub had a vending machine for chewie’s

You know chewing gum

Well Phil wacked his sixpence in

and went back to the bar

But after a few minutes realized it tasted like rubber

He said it had no sugar taste

So one of his mates explained

This new condom stuff to him

After that he was okay

Now here’s a few tips from Phil

On using condoms instead of gladwrap

And I know they is true

Cos Phil’s me mate

Now never buy clear ones he said

Cos there’s a trap with them ones

What can happen he said is that after you do the deed?

If you get me drift

And have your smoke and fall asleep

Then you heading for trouble

You see what Phil said is

If you wake up doing the night

And need to go for a snakes hiss

And Your still half asleep

You suddenly look down and wonder why

You holding a balloon and what birthday party

You went to

Ok so the secret there is to get the coloured condoms

Now forget them ribbed bullshit ones

Ffs if God wanted you born with warts

On your cock

He would have made you that way

Anyway some females like them

Cos it gives them something to grip onto

Now Phil’s last tip for you blokes

Don’t and I mean don’t

Leave them lying around under your bed after

You can forget

And there’s nothing worse he said

Than waking up and having to chase a choking cat around the house

In the rudey nudey

And particularly more so

If he gets through the cat door and outside

The neighbours look at you funny

See where Phil lives

They don’t understand such things

And a naked guy racing up the road

Chasing a cat

Can give them weird ideas

So that’s Phil’s tips on condoms

Have a grouse week guys

Catch ya’s around the traps


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 photo old_cowboy.jpg


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Diamond Backed Gecko

With my recent post on the Crystal Brook Lace Monitor Lizard, I want to share with you, this article published in the local paper, of one of our own Lizards.

We do have Monitor Lizards here where we live, and a large assortment of Goanna’s of all shapes.

But this story is about The Diamond Backed Gecko.



Scientists are elated over the recent sighting of a rare local lizard belonging to the infra order Gekkota. The lizard, known as Sunraysianus Geckonius, or as it was once commonly known as The Diamond backed Gecko, was recently sighted along the banks of the Murray below Merbein.

According to Professor Ano Nemous, from the Lizardonian Institute, this is a great discovery.

The Diamond Backed Gecko was thought to be extinct, with the last sighting over 100 years ago.

This beautiful lizard is a nocturnal creature that can grow as long as 18 inches, Professor Ano said, the Gecko is blind however the diamond markings on its exo skeleton actually absorb light from its surroundings, this absorption of light is vital to its survival. In search for food , the lizards long snout senses its prey, it immediately locks onto its prey and the eyes emit a bright light much like a laser, this phenomenon is bought about by the stored light in its diamond markings, this light stuns the prey, allowing the Gecko access to its meal without a fight.

The Diamond Backed Gecko is considered the most dangerous species in Australia, not because of any venom or bite , but purely on its ability to paralyse its opponent and kill with only its looks, within a matter of 15 seconds.

Unconfirmed reports of its actually causing death to humans, were circulated in the early days of Mildura’s settlement. It can kill in a matter of seconds just by looking at you.

The sighting of this once thought of extinct lizard is a great discovery.

Mildura residents are advised to not look directly at the lizard, but to report any sightings to Professor Ano Nemous at the Lizardonian Institute.

And remember, it can kill within 15 seconds only by looking at you

 photo IMG_0633_zps069fe8b6.jpg

 photo IMG_0634_zps62e35b20.jpg

I have to clarify the above article, I enjoy writing and apart from WordPress, I submit a number of articles to different magazines, and our local papers.

A lot of my writings are politically orientated, and apart from a few short storys, I occassionally submit articles with a humourous slant.

The above story sprang into my mind, after Ana purchased me that lovely Gecko

He is quite harmless, hehe

 photo Animation133111131.gif 


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