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A Photographic Moment

Having posted a number of times of my travels and adventures overseas, particularly Chile South America, I have made a point of talking on my pleasure of taking photographs of everything that appears before my lens, now in a lot of countries, Chile included, one must be very careful what is photographed, Government buildings, certain local cultural traits and many other situations a tourist may come across, such as local social disharmony. I must admit I have surreptitiously taken some of these types of photographs but keep them for personal records. But in this post I want to share with you the extent of my pleasures in exploring a city in depth, in this case the beautiful harbor port of Valparaiso. Looking through my pictures from last year’s adventure, I realized just how much territory I had covered. Now in a foreign city, and especially one as beautiful and flamboyant as Valparaiso,  there is not a back street, a building or monument that I must see, in Valparaiso some of the streets are way off the tourist trail, and it is vital that you are accompanied by a local, in one of our late evening tours into the back streets high in the hills of Valparaiso, we were fortunate to have a family member as our driver, even so we found it quite uncomfortable, an unknown car in a  local street does appear out of the normal and does draw attention. One doesn’t stop. But back to my story, I love photographing everything I see and also revisit the same places again for two reasons, one being to capture what I missed in the first visit, and secondly to hope my photographic skills have improved. Now in these two following pictures I will demonstrate the coincidental diversity of my touring around Valparaiso.

The first picture was taken high from the top one of the 43 hills that surrounds the Valparaiso harbor. It was New Years Eve 2015, we were guests of a family friend of Ana’s, the evening was predicted to be a spectacular event, The Valparaiso New Years Fireworks, these fireworks are renowned as the most spectacular in the world, and they were no disappointment, people actually move up into the hills for the display, the whole coastline erupts at midnight into one massive display of colourful fireworks right along the coastline that goes for miles, synchronized and spectacular. But I am definitely straying from the story line of this post. It was early afternoon that I took some photographs of the great Valparaiso from our friends house overlooking the harbor, I focused on the Chilean Parliament house in Central Valparaiso, the first picture, as you will see in comparison to all the other high rise buildings around it, we were extremely high up in the hills. Now to the comparison with my other picture, the second one. This was taken on a boat trip around the harbor, I photographed from every angle, and now looking over my pictures, I notice that I have again taken the picture of Parliament House from the seaward side. Looking back, that is quite a distance from the hills of Valparaiso to Parliament House, and also quite a distance from the Sea to Parliament House, I have inadvertently photographed both the front and back of Parliament House. Such are the joys of exploring a beautiful overseas City. In two trips to Valparaiso I have covered much ground and look forward to revisiting later this year. I have not yet earned the title of a Local, but still remain a Gringo for the time being.Click on the pics to enlarge.




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