The Joys of Street Entertainment

In my travels around Australia and South America, I have always been captivated by the beautiful pleasures that street entertainers give to the passing crowds. It is wonderful to see the various talents that these people have been gifted with, talents they use to entertain or to make a living. The diversity is limitless, paintings by young people gracing the sidewalks which are miniature masterpieces, washed away after the first rains, to begin anew next day. Street statues that really mesmerize one’s mind, living statues so motionless that you stand absorbed for a long time, until you approach and the statues moves in a hypnotic slow motion. Magicians who brings smiles of wonderment to children and adults alike, birds and flowers, appearing and disappearing in the blink of an eye. Then there are the musicians, instruments of all kinds, violins, guitars, didgeridoo, Chinese Erhu, all entertaining with their individual voices and music, bringing the streets to life and bringing joy into the hearts of the passing crowds.

A pleasure when travelling, to take time out, and absorb some of the wonderful artistry, that these performers and artists have been gifted with.

I have put together a small collection of various street artists, that I had the pleasure to listen to, and to see perform; they are primarily from South America with a sampling of some from Australia.

The pleasures of a Punch and Judy show in a street in Valparaiso, the timeless puppetry never fails to enthrall the minds of the children

Traffic light entertainment, these artists are usually jugglers or acrobats, they are proficient in their art in that they can time the changing of the lights to a split second, they are in front of the traffic as it stops, do their entertainment and collect donations, and are back on the sidewalk as the lights change to go

I was surprised to find this didgeridoo player in Santiago, as the instrument is basically an Australian indigenous instrument, apparently he learnt the instrument on a trip to Australia, I have since learnt that there is a similar instrument that originates from Chile also.

This is a great example of a Living Statue, I am not sure exactly what he was representing, maybe a Senator from Roman days or some ancient royalty, he was motionless and held that pose for quite some time, when someone approached to make a donation in the box at his feet, he slowly came to life and extended his hand in friendship, the sunglasses actually gave intrigue to his appearance.

Cafe entertainers who play throughout various eating establishments or venues, their music is always beautiful and flamboyant and a part of Chilean life, I did witness entertainers who would board buses and entertain the crowds till the next stop.

The Magic of the Magician never fails to bring a smile, in this case an adult relives the pleasure and enjoyment of the mystical hands of this great entertainer.

Busking in the streets of Melbourne, a business not only of entertainment, but survival in many cases.

The captivating dances of the Chinchineros of Chile is always a pleasure and entertaining, I had seen them before but this was the first I had seen with a Female member of the troupe

These Australian Stockmen would have to be one of the best examples of Living Statues, we watched mesmerized to detect if they were real or not, after ten minutes we saw some faint movements, the one in the back slowly smiled, the one on the front right slightly moved a finger, we left after a time and still not sure if they all were alive or that three were statues

A very artistic street painter in Melbourne, he did tell us where the scene he was painting originated from, memory escapes me, this particular art actually was taking him a number of days to complete, he chose a site that was undercover but each night had to block off the area of the painting to continue next day

Sidewalk artistic wall graffiti, councils are becoming more lenient in allowing certain forms of artistic graffiti on buildings

The music from this Maestro was phenomenal, if I recall correctly his music was from a European country, it had the air of Bohemian style music

This Living Statue has to be my favorite, I call Her The Angel of Santiago, when I approached she slowly moved and looked directly into my eyes, I felt a shiver all over and a lump in my throat, she removed a small card from the box she was holding and slowly handed it to me with a faint loving smile, definitely a great artist that not only could hold her pose, but with her movements and dress, evoked an immense Spiritual feeling.

This young artist was a pleasure to watch work, his sketching’s and pastel work were exquisite, again a passing work of art that is subject to the vagaries of the weather.

I hope you have enjoyed my pictures and memory’s, of some of the most beautiful artists that Mankind has been blessed to witness and appreciate.



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The Lie We Live


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Mike Furber—A Mate

Welcome To Aussie Emus World

This is a story I wrote many years ago which a few of my long time followers might recall, I would like to re-post it again as the story belongs in our music history and as such must be remembered. I have taken the liberty of adding the Wikipedia story on Mike, some aspects I disagree from first hand experience. Take time to view this old video taken of Mike performing back in England in the days of the emerging new era of pop songs, the Beatles days and others.

This is a story of a mate I once had, back in the days of long ago now.I first met Mike Furber when I was posted as a Medical instructor at the School of Army Health Healesville upon my return from Vietnam in 1970. Mike came to the school around late 72 early 73.This is his story.

Mike was born…

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One Pair of Hands


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Cameron’s Graduation—-A Small Step in Life

Greetings my Friends

For those who have followed my Aussie Ian and Aussie Emu site over the years, you will see that I refrain from posting blogs that are either political or personal. Behind the scenes I am rather vocal on the political scene in Australia, with numerous articles and letters making various media outlets.

In my personal life I find enjoyment in following the progress in life of my beautiful grandchildren, seven here in Australia with another on the way, and two beautiful grandchildren in Chile South America, they all have one thing in common apart from one, they are all under 4 years of age, so you can imagine Christmases and Birthdays are a hectic time.

I would like to share with you this picture of my handsome grandson Cameron, Cameron graduated from his first year in kindergarten a week ago, it was a proud moment to see him participate on his special milestone day.

Kind regards and Best wishes to you all for a Beautiful Christmas.

Aussie Emu aka Aussie Ian


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Through the Eyes of Innocence

Put My Boots

On Little Feet

Walk With Me

My Little Mate

Look Through Eyes

Of Innocence

And See What I Can See

See The Birds Up In The Sky

See The Landscape Opening Wide

Feel The Breath

Of Morns Early Kiss

Upon Your Cheeks

Walk With Me

Through Gully’s Deep

See The Ferns

In Gods Own Garden

Feel The Morns Dew

On Your Lips

Smell Dawns Rise

And Watch Nature Unfold

In A Panorama Of Sunrise

This Is The Land

Of Your Birth

This Is Our Land

This Is Our Earth

Walk Forward Little Boots

Walk Forward Little Mate

The World Is Open

And Belongs To You

From Your Lands

You Were Born

And On Your Lands

You Will Leave Your Name

Walk With Me Little Boots

And See Through Ancient Eyes

We Are Old

Yet We Are Young

Hold Onto Your Innocence

And Grow Into The Spirit

Of Our Land

Walk With Me Little Mate

Walk With Me Little Boots

Beneath Our Southern Cross

Hear The Currawong

The Kookaburra

With Her Laugh

And Never Fear

The Mournful Plaintiff Cry

Of The Lonely Dingo

Sleep Upon The Red Earth Soil

Beneath A Starry Sky

Illuminated By Gods Light

Our One And Only

Southern Cross

Sleep Upon Your Lands

From Whence You Came

For She Is Your Mother

Your Birthright To Proclaim


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A Passing Glance



I share this picture of a small Cactus that I have nurtured for a number of years now, once a year she flowers and displays her beauty, but for a fleeting moment in time, one day to be exact, and she withdraws back into her world of hibernation for another year.


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